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Agent Resources

This page should have all the main links you need to thrive in the Chamberlain digital world.  If you can't find what you're looking for or if you have any suggestions just email them to

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Agent Onboarding Training Site

Refresh yourself on all the tools and technology here.

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Agent Recruitment Page

Share this one with your friends considering coming on board.

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Listing Services Site

Use this to share with your clients what you’ll do differently than all the rest.

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Follow Up Boss CRM

No Lead Left Behind. Click for the link.


YLOPO Search Websites

Using AI to help your clients find the perfect property

Ylopo open house tool.png


Turn this bad boy on at your next open house and instantly capture your clients information into Follow Up Boss so you can stay in touch with them afterwards.


YLOPO seller report dashboard

Leveraging Chamberlain’s clients to help you get more listings.


Brokermint- Transaction Management

Making sure you are in compliance and checking on your legal boxes on each file.


Chamberlain Agents Facebook Group

Private group for our agents only to get support, know each other and share news.


Chamberlain Realty Public Facebook Page

Our company hub to share with the public what’s going on.

Get Your Lic.png

How To Get Your Real Estate License

A guide to help your friends get their real estate license in Oklahoma.

LCA MArketing Center.png

LCA Marketing Center is like canvas on steroids for real estate marketing material. It offers amazing templates for things like business cards, email signatures, social media posts, property flyers and lots more. Ask Grant for log in details.


Premier House Tours

Property Websites, Pictures and Video tours

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List Reports

Great free marketing for properties.

Untitled 15.png


Forced lead registration for campaigns on Facebook or Google.

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Break Through Broker

Great free material for marketing and ideas in real estate

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Cole Realty Resource

Neighborhood data with names, emails, addresses and phone numbers. Ask admin for log in info.

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VoicePad Call Capture System

Capture every sign call into your CRM so you can follow up like a boss.

Untitled 7.png


Large format signs for cheap.

Untitled 8.png

Super Cheap Signs

Great pricing for general real estate signs

Untitled 11.png

Great choice for business cards, flyers, brochures, etc.

Untitled 12.png

Want Swag? They have it all

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All the goodies lie below…