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Kalyn Sever

Hello and welcome! My name is Kalyn Sever. My husband, Chuck, and I have lived in many places through the Midwest. (Make sure you ask about our year in Malawi, Africa too!). During the process of many, many moves as well as buying, selling, or renting various homes and businesses, I fell in love with the real estate process, mostly due to the amazing support of our real estate agents - and my geeky obsession with numbers.

My experiences with those incredible agents shaped my desire to help support others in their unique real estate journey. I am strongly committed to supporting YOU through each step of finding and buying your dream home, walking you through the new home building process, selling your existing home, or guiding you through the commercial property process. My pledge is to provide you with the knowledge you NEED while working tirelessly “behind the scenes” to give you a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

I chose to work with Chamberlain Realty LLC because I share the core belief that my job is to treat each and every one of my clients as royalty, listening to YOUR desires, attending to YOUR needs, and truly advocating for YOU. I look forward to working with and for you as you start your new journey!

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